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Office Star Products, or OSP as our close friends call us, is a family-owned company built on the bricks of respect, trust, loyalty, and a handshake.

Every day we go to work with this attitude, ready to show our team players, our global family of vendors, and most importantly our customers that our handshake represents these principle values.

Early on in this adventure we knew that importing and distributing office furniture from across global territories could get a little dull without a deeper element to the whole process. We believe this deeper element is people. We encourage our team players to enjoy diversity, career growth, and a sense of family. By pursuing new and better ways of ensuring this satisfaction within our team, we enjoy a rewarding atmosphere that adds texture, meaning, and value to our company. Because we are open to new ideas and concepts, we continually help our global partners reach their industry goals, thus creating relationships that have lasted decades, adding interest and spark to our global reaches. We feel proud of each and every customer, client, and prospect that calls us a genuine friend. For us, this is how we measure success.



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